Dear customers,

Let us introduce the company MIKro-trade s.r.o. Our company is one of the biggest producers of gas detection units in Slovak Republic. Our products – detectors of combustible gases and vapours – have already been successfully implemented in hundreds of industrial factories, food-production factories, and other places in Slovakia, Czech Republic, and Hungary. Our long-lasting experiences with the production and functioning of units supported by a well-developed network of services guarantee their high quality, security and reliability. Our units can be used for protection of all closed spaces where undesirable pollution of combustible and poisoning gases and vapors may occur. The units, since they detect the exhaust products, i.e. smoke and its derivatives, can also be used as a fire-warning device.
For further information regarding our products, service network, periodical revisions, and consulting service please contact MIKro - trade s.r.o.:

Jilemnickéko 305/35, 929 01 Dunajská Streda
Tel.: 00421 31/5522181; 5526181, Fax: 5522181
P.O.BOX 182